Fences For Fido 2012 Gala ~~ A GRAND SUCCESS!
The Fences For Fido 2012 Gala was an enormous success! Thanks to your generosity, 59 dogs will soon be unchained! These beautiful dogs will receive the gift of a fenced yard, a warm shelter, a cedar bed, spay/neuter, hugs, cuddles, treats and love. Thank you for changing their lives! 

Rocky’s story, like hundreds of others, shows the true power of your support ~

One foggy morning, as a group of volunteers built a fence, a large grey dog watched suspiciously. For ten long years Rocky had been alone, his food stolen by neighborhood dogs, a plastic crate his only shelter. He had become scared and defensive. For Rocky’s comfort, volunteers watched from outside the fence as he was released from the chain. But for Rocky’s footsteps in the dry autumn leaves, there was silence. When he slowly wagged his tail, everyone exhaled in relief. For the first time in 10 years Rocky walked without the burden of a chain. Volunteers hugged each other with tears and whispered cheers. Rocky didn’t run or fetch toys, but he stood taller, his muscles loosened, his gate lightened, and his eyes glistened. 

Rocky’s family wrote Fences For Fido to express their sincere gratitude for the change in his life, and their own. This sort of change is only possible with the help of caring, dedicated people like you. 

Thank you for allowing the dogs to inspire you! Together we are making a difference! 

Your contribution makes it possible for Fences For Fido to change lives one dog, one family, one fence at a time. 

With deepest gratitude,

Fences For Fido