Portland, April 14th. The Red Lion, Jantzen Beach was filled with hundreds of swells raising money for the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. Costumed guest were told, “Time to throw on your glad rags and get swanky! Tap your toes and guzzle down the giggle water!” Terri Hammond, Lynn Ragsdale, Karen VanAcker and Kim Armstrong enjoyed the festivities. The camp offers children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

Terri Burns and Kaleen Deatherage

Terri Burns and Kaleen Deatherage, MHKC Executive Director


Beth Morehouse, Frank Morehouse and Versie Meyer

Beth Morehouse, Frank Morehouse and Versie Meyer

Holly Conger Samantha Blythe and Daniel Hauten

Holly Conger, Samantha Blythe and Daniel Hauten

Silent Auction Items were a hit

Silent Auction items were a hit

Organizers dubbed the ballroom, "The Cotton Club"

Organizers dubbed the ballroom, "The Cotton Club"

Bill Ragsdale, Jim E. Chonga and Jason Behunin

Jason Behunin, Jim E. Chonga and Bill Ragsdale

Pam Pariani and Cary Solberg

Pam Pariani and Cary Solberg

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From Mt. Hood Camp Kiwanis:

The Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp was founded in 1933 by the Kiwanis Club of Montavilla to serve low-income youth.

We began serving people with disabilities in 1957. Since 1972, the camp has enjoyed a unique partnership with Portland State University’s Special Education Department which provides planning and personnel support.

Every summer, over 500 children and adults with developmental, physical and/or neurological disabilities enjoy and benefit from their time at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. 

Sponsors for the Auction included: West Coast Bank, Kiwanis Club of Portland Oregon, Thorson Pacific, Consumer Cellular, Delta Graphics, Foster and Associates, Rainwater Family Trust, ABC Roofing, Behunin Family, Burns Family, DeVries Family, Doty Family, IWP, Metro Safety and Fire, Orepac, Pam Pariani, Parr Lumber Company, Partners Group, Ragsdale Family, RBC Wealth Management, Rockford Corporation, Carole Satterfield, Staff Infection Band, StevensIS, Synergo, Wirtgen America, Inc., Howard S. Wright Constructors, LP, Cedar Hills Kiwanis Club, East Portland Kiwanis Club, Historic Downtown Gresham Kiwanis Club, Kiwanis Club of Portland, Kiwanis Club of Portland Foundation, Montavilla Kiwanis Club, Oregon City Kiwanis Club, Peninsula Kiwanis Club, Rockwood Kiwanis Club, Ross Island Earlyrisers Kiwanis, South Riverside Kiwanis Club, Southwest Hills Kiwanis Club, Troutdale Kiwanis Club, and Tigard Kiwanis Club.