Portland, OR. As social distancing mandates continue throughout the U.S., places like theaters face the dilemma of relying on audience presence to deliver art and performance. Portland Center Stage (PCS) at The Armory, is trying something new called The Community Voices Project. The goal is to bring the artist’s work directly to your home, skipping the middle man of theaters.

The PCS performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Associate Artistic Director, Chip Miller, says that this move to a digital platform was with the desire to use the PCS resources to uplift artists in a time when art is highly undervalued and many individuals are financially struggling. This platform will focus on artists of color for the next year, giving voices to poets, singers, actors, and more.

Chip Miller, Associate Artistic Director of Portland Center Stage.

Furthermore, The Community Voices Project is but a piece of the larger PCS Remix program. This program features online showings of theatric productions, community classes, and youth programs. Their goal with the Remix program is to uplift local talent, commission artists, and perform community outreach. As the future with COVID-19 still present is unpredictable, PCS will continue reaching out to the community and building bridges with artists.

From the Portland Center Stage website:

If you’d like to support a great organization, you can donate here. You can also find their event page for any upcoming artistic productions, classes, and more here. PCS is located downtown at 128 NW Eleventh Ave,