Portland, OR. High schools and universities have had to get creative with this year’s graduation ceremonies. Edison High School, in Beaverton, held its first-ever “car graduation ceremony” on May 29th. The ceremony started with a procession of staff members and students with their families.

Edison Graduation Coordinator Rachel Hansen ready to lead the graduate parade.

The car parade had all twenty-four graduating seniors. The graduating class of 2020 found it a fun way to honor social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edison staff cheer on graduates from the sidewalk.

Seniors hopped out of their cars and were greeted by Principal, Jason Wold.

Edison Principal Jason Wold hands out diplomas with his face mask and gloves.

Despite unusual circumstances, the students were allowed to celebrate with friends, families, and teachers who offered congratulations to the graduating class of 2020.

From Edison High School:

Edison exists to empower students with learning differences to experience academic success and personal growth while preparing them for a productive future.